Consultative Committee
of Finno-Ugric Peoples

The quota, allotted to the peoples participating in the 7th World Congress is as follows:

• Peoples outnumbering 50 000 have 20 official representatives: the Hungarians, the Finns, the Estonians, the Mordovians, the Udmurts, the Maris, the Komis, the Permyak Komis, the Sámis and the Karelians,

• The peoples numbering from 5 000 to 50 000 each have 10 official representatives: the Nenets, the Khants, the Mansis, the Vepses, the Ingrian Finns, the Setus,

• The following peoples each have 4 official representatives: the Selkups, the Nganasans, the Enets, the Izhorians, the Votes, the Livonians, the Kvens

A total of 288 delegates will participate in the World Congress. In addition, to the Congress will be invited as observers representatives of Governments, Parliaments and other Authorities, as well as other parties interested in Finno-Ugric cooperation. All in all the number of participants will amount to some 600 persons.